A Few Words About Our Warranty…

Black Brothers Painting & Restoration Inc. offer the best warranties in the Lower Mainland. We will warrant your paint job for up to 15 years! This warranty covers both the labour and materials and is non pro-rated. The paint manufacturer will also warrant the materials for up to 15 years. We really do stand behind our work! The paint manufacturer also stands behind our work…

From the Paint Manufactures…

“We have worked with Black Brothers for over 18 years providing top quality products, product support and up to 15 year warranties.

Black Brothers has impressed us with the measures they take to ensure their painting projects look beautiful and last a long time. These are the steps we take to support Black Brothers:

  1. We meet on site prior to commencing the project to set the specifications
  2. We do random site inspections
  3. Monitoring of products used and quantity
  4. Provide written warranty to owners

We appreciate Black Brothers intelligent approach to painting, it allows us to comfortably issue our full warranties to the owners of buildings which Black Brothers paint. ”

Dave Shannon
Sherwin Williams

“We have worked closely with Black Brothers for years on high-rise and townhouse projects. We have supplied the products and monitored the work. Afterwards we have supplied a warranty. We have found that Black Brothers have always requested our premium quality lines and their work is consistently excellent.”

Jim Leslie,
Technical Support and Sales
Fabrikem Paint

“Black Brothers always uses our top line of paints. Black Brothers have been excellent clients of ours for 20 years. We are happy to warrant the work they do with our products.”

Todd Lunter,
Cloverdale Paints

“We have provided paint for the Black Brothers for many successful projects over the years. We have heard nothing but good things about their work.”

Mary Madsen
General Paint

Black Brothers will warrant the labour and materials in writing for up to 15 years…

We stand behind our work!

black brothers warranty
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