Concrete Repair

Black Brothers Painting & Restorations is one of the most experienced
High-Rise Concrete Repair companies in Canada.

Black Brothers Painting & Restorations Inc. has been providing Vancouver with quality concrete work since 1979 . Our decades of experience provide us with expertise separating us from others in the field. Affiliations with BBB, BCOMA and other organizations establish our commitment to quality work on every job.

We are the innovator and leader in Vancouver for high-rise concrete repair.


Black Brothers has decades of concrete restoration work with engineers, property managers, building owners and strata’s.

Because we perform the concrete repairs strictly by the manufacturer’s specifications our repairs last and last. We are so confident in our work that we now warrant our concrete repair work for 20 years for labour and materials, non pro-rated!!

As leaders within the industry we are constantly seeking to develop and to use best-practice. We aspire to only use the best staff and products in completing our work. At all times, we work closely with product suppliers and industry bodies, so you can be assured that our recommendations and our workmanship are of the highest quality.

Black Brothers also prides itself on the relationships we have developed with several key consulting engineers which we work with to ensure that our provided solutions meet all necessary requirements for safety and structural adequacy.

Priding ourselves on our level of expertise and our commitment to providing only the best service.


Concrete Cancer and Spalling Repair

Concrete Cancer is often identified by signs such as flaking (concrete spalling), rust stains which seem to leak out from within the concrete, bubbling of concrete or when chunks of the concrete bulge out or even fall off the building . As often as not, people mistake these signs as general weathering and delapidation, caused by the elements; but while this may have a part in exacerbating the problem, the real problem lies within the concrete itself.

As a general rule, Concrete Cancer is caused when the steel reinforcing within a concrete slab begins to rust. As steel rusts it can expand up to 7 times its original size causing the surrounding concrete to be displaced and flakey. As the steel pushes the concrete away, more water gets to the steel expediting the process.

The process can start in many ways, but generally it is due to one of the following:

  • Poorly treated reinforcing steel being used in the original pour of the slab
  • The reinforcing steel being too close to the surface allowing water to seep through concrete and react with the steel
  • Incompatible metals being used in close proximity to each other, thus causing a reaction
  • Fractures in the concrete allowing water to penetrate the concrete and react with the steel

Spalled concrete is an eye-sore, but more than that it is also a potential hazard. Overtime, and with increased exposure to the elements, untreated pieces of may fall from heights risking the lives of passers-by below as well as potential damaging property. Spalling and delaminated concrete should be repaired immediately, as deferring the treatment will inevitably lead to increased problems into the future.

Furthermore, any attempts to fix the problem for the short-term (such as parging over the problem) will only exacerbate the issue. Despite, potentially looking better, the rusting process will continue below the surface causing the steel to again displace the concrete and in some cases rust so badly the steel eventually needs replacement. Treatment and repair of the concrete is the best solution.

Black Brothers with over 30 years experience in the lower mainland, have staff who are trained in the identification of underlying issues and where problems stem from. Once found we will begin the process of concrete spalling repair by removing all loose concrete, grinding back the reinforcing steel to remove all rust, treating the steel with anti-corrosives and then patching the repair with a top quality concrete to match the original surface. .

If you would like any more information on concrete spalling or would like to arrange someone to help solve your concrete problems , do not hesitate to contact Rob anytime.